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Watch pointyheaded scholars concoct a new case against the North American Free Trade Agreement. According to Eduardo Zepeda, Timothy A. Wise, and Kevin P. Gallagher, the conventional wisdom “that Mexico was the undeniable winner from NAFTA” is wrong: In fact the trade agreement has been “a disappointment” for our friends south of the border.

via Carnegie Frames NAFTA For Slow Mexico Growth – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine.


Momentum Freight’s Weblog.

The Blog of one of the biggest American trucking companies: Momentum Freight.

You can check them here:

Congress and Law: The Outlook for Commercial Trucking Under NAFTA.


A post arguing that changes in the actual status would take long to be notice.





Welcome to the United States – Mexico Trucking Dispute Blog.

Here I will debate the issues of the trucking dispute between United States and Mexico that has been going on for the last 15 years!!!

I will start by giving a background of the issue, then each side will follow. Those in favor and those against opening borders.

Later on, once I have finish my research, I will try to analyze both sides arguments to the best of my skill!

I will be trying to reach a conclusion by December. Just trying to position my self, and trying to find a solution for such problem.

I will also be posting summaries of different related news, post or articles debating the dispute.

I am a senior student at St. Edward’s University, in Austin. I am doing research in the Mexico – U.S. trucking dispute. I decided to create this blog to create a virtual place to publicly debate this problem, a place where anybody, from anywhere could find accurate information regarding this issue. All my sources will be cited according to MLA, and you will be able to find them in the sources tab.

Feel free to comment!

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