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“The Mexico Institute seeks to increase understanding, communication, and cooperation between the United States and Mexico through the active discussion of issues relevant to both countries. The Institute encourages the exchange of ideas among policymakers, scholars, journalists and business and civic leaders by analyzing the developments of each country in relation to the impact they have on each other.”

You can read their blog here:  NAFTA « Mexico Institute.

Free Trade Alliance San Antonio.

The Cross Border Trucking Coalition, based in San Antonio. In the link, you will find their goals.

The ChamberPost: Jobs Summit – Expanding Job Opportunities for American Workers Through Export.

A new post in the blog of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in which Patrick Kilbride argues against protectionist measures such as not allowing the Mexican trucks to drive through the U.S.

The Costs of Questionable Policies « Sustainable Energy Partnership for the Americas.

A nice article regarding different US Policies by Sidney Weintraub.

Posted April 2, 2008.

Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama is asked by an audience member in Lancaster, Pa. about his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and his thoughts on the North American Union.

Obama denies any membership in the CFR and then goes on to deny that there are plans for the North American Union and the creation of a monetary system called the Amero.

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  • U.S. Begins Nafta Negotiations With Harsh Words from Trump Toadies August 19, 2017
    A “Fair & Level Playing Field” means the U.S. gets their way and our partners take what’s given to them The renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement known as NAFTA 2.0 is off to a rocky start thanks to arrogant and harsh words from Trumps trade rep Robert Lighthizer Lighthizer, lectured Canada and Mexico on […] The post U.S. Begins Nafta […] (PM Corn)
  • Border Patrol Finds 23 Undocumented Migrants, 200 pounds of Drugs in El Paso Texas August 19, 2017
    The Driver, Comothial Harper of Bainbridge Georgia had made earlier successful smuggling runs Federal agents found 23 migrants and more than 200 pounds of marijuana hidden in a semitrailer just outside of the El Paso city limits, officials said. Homeland Security Investigations agents assigned to the El Paso Border Enforcement Security Task Force pulled over […] (PM Corn)
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