Welcome to the United States – Mexico Trucking Dispute Blog.

Here I will debate the issues of the trucking dispute between United States and Mexico that has been going on for the last 15 years!!!

I will start by giving a background of the issue, then each side will follow. Those in favor of allowing the mexican trucks in the U.S. and those against.

Later, once I have finish my research I will try to analyze both sides arguments to the best of my skills!

Trying to reach a conclusion by December. To position my side, and by trying to find a solution for such problem.

I will also be posting summaries of different related news.

I am a student at St. Edward’s University in Austin. I am doing research in the Mexico – U.S. trucking dispute. I decided to create this blog to create a virtual place to only debate this problem, a place where any body, from any where can find accurate information about the issue. All my sources will be cited according to MLA, and you will be able to find them in the sources tab.

Feel free to comment!

St. Edward's University. Austin, Tx

St. Edward's University. Austin, Tx