“The cross-border trucking program is part of NAFTA and the corporate North American Union agenda of further erasing continental borders.  If it becomes permanent and is expanded, it could lower wages and lead to more American job losses.  There is also the potential that it could destroy small and medium sized independent trucking companies.  Allowing Mexican trucks full access inside the U.S. is a safety issue, as well as a security threat which could increase drug and human smuggling.  Republican Congressman, Ron Paul, had this to say about the pilot trucking program when it was first announced.  “Rather than securing our borders, we seem to be providing more pores for illegal aliens, drug dealers, and terrorists to permeate.”  In light of the growing drug cartel violence in Mexico, further securing the border should be a national security priority.”

More via Ending NAFTA Inspired Trucking Program Could Spark Retaliation | Dana Gabriel.