Interview to John McManus. Posted February 6, 2008

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John McManus of the John Birch Society gives you a fascinating briefing on the history of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and NAFTA. You may never look at world events the same after you learn some of these facts.

NAFTA was the starting point for the SPP/Security and Prosperity Partnership and the North American Union (NAU), and the the NAFTA Superhighway/Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) is being built to serve the Chinese so they can unload ships using cheap Mexican labor and use Mexican trucks and trains instead of American port workers and American trucks/trains.

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News: The closed-door 2008 SPP Summit was held in New Orleans on April 21-22, with meeting George Bush, Felipe Calderón & Stephen Harper. Government and big business leaders will further negotiate the SPP/NAU merger. Please call Talk Shows, Write Letters to the Editor, and post to blogs protesting the NAU and NAFTA. Email this to your friends!