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Watch pointyheaded scholars concoct a new case against the North American Free Trade Agreement. According to Eduardo Zepeda, Timothy A. Wise, and Kevin P. Gallagher, the conventional wisdom “that Mexico was the undeniable winner from NAFTA” is wrong: In fact the trade agreement has been “a disappointment” for our friends south of the border.

via Carnegie Frames NAFTA For Slow Mexico Growth – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine.


A new report by the U.S. Department of Transportation says that commercial trucks hauled 58% of the freight moved between NAFTA countries in 2008.Trains accounted for 15% of the goods moved, with ships 10%, pipelines 9% and air 4% accounting for the rest.The DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics issued the report as part of its update to the North American Transportation Statistics database.Nearly 11 million commercial trucks entered the U.S. in 2008, with some 6 million coming from Canada and 5 million from Mexico. That freight accounted for some $970 billion in value.The value of shipments moving between the NAFTA nations grew at an average rate of nearly 9% between 2003 and 2008, the report said.

via Tire Review – Trucking Still Tops in NAFTA Freight.

“The Mexico Institute seeks to increase understanding, communication, and cooperation between the United States and Mexico through the active discussion of issues relevant to both countries. The Institute encourages the exchange of ideas among policymakers, scholars, journalists and business and civic leaders by analyzing the developments of each country in relation to the impact they have on each other.”

You can read their blog here:  NAFTA « Mexico Institute.

“The cross-border trucking program is part of NAFTA and the corporate North American Union agenda of further erasing continental borders.  If it becomes permanent and is expanded, it could lower wages and lead to more American job losses.  There is also the potential that it could destroy small and medium sized independent trucking companies.  Allowing Mexican trucks full access inside the U.S. is a safety issue, as well as a security threat which could increase drug and human smuggling.  Republican Congressman, Ron Paul, had this to say about the pilot trucking program when it was first announced.  “Rather than securing our borders, we seem to be providing more pores for illegal aliens, drug dealers, and terrorists to permeate.”  In light of the growing drug cartel violence in Mexico, further securing the border should be a national security priority.”

More via Ending NAFTA Inspired Trucking Program Could Spark Retaliation | Dana Gabriel.

“The effects of a port in Sonora, Mexico would be an overall benefit to the Mexican and US economies with the state of Arizona seeing a great amount of potential revenues if chosen as a distribution hub for the goods. However, the public perception of such development may be a hindrance as politicians seek to promote the economic advantages while the “not in my backyard” attitudes of their constituents affect their reelection chances. In light of NAFTA and the need for economic stimulus by any means, it is my belief that Arizona will become a major transportation hub in the future with a direct link to the new ports in Sonora.”

more via SanTan Marketing Professionals: Intermodal Transportation Case Study.

Transportation in the US

A group of independent truckers has filed a three-page “friend of the court” brief to join the American Trucking Associations lawsuit against the Port of Los Angeles. The National Port Drivers Association is asking that the court enjoin the Dec. 31, 2009 deadline banning all trucks older than 2004 from port terminals unless they have been retrofitted with anti-pollution devices.

via The Cunningham Report – Independent Drivers Seeks Clean Truck Deadline Injunction.

Momentum Freight’s Weblog.

The Blog of one of the biggest American trucking companies: Momentum Freight.

You can check them here:

Free Trade Alliance San Antonio.

The Cross Border Trucking Coalition, based in San Antonio. In the link, you will find their goals.

Canada – Trucking and railing meat and livestock across borders.

More figures regarding the last reports on land transportation among the NAFTA partners.

Today’s The Truck News Site – Canadian website and magazine publishing information and content on truck news, trucking regulations, trucking industry, fleet management, owners/operators and the latest in trucking products and trucking services..

As this article points out, surface transportation of the US with Mexico is declining.

The ChamberPost: Jobs Summit – Expanding Job Opportunities for American Workers Through Export.

A new post in the blog of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in which Patrick Kilbride argues against protectionist measures such as not allowing the Mexican trucks to drive through the U.S.

Interview to John McManus. Posted February 6, 2008

The attached information with the video:

John McManus of the John Birch Society gives you a fascinating briefing on the history of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and NAFTA. You may never look at world events the same after you learn some of these facts.

NAFTA was the starting point for the SPP/Security and Prosperity Partnership and the North American Union (NAU), and the the NAFTA Superhighway/Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) is being built to serve the Chinese so they can unload ships using cheap Mexican labor and use Mexican trucks and trains instead of American port workers and American trucks/trains.

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News: The closed-door 2008 SPP Summit was held in New Orleans on April 21-22, with meeting George Bush, Felipe Calderón & Stephen Harper. Government and big business leaders will further negotiate the SPP/NAU merger. Please call Talk Shows, Write Letters to the Editor, and post to blogs protesting the NAU and NAFTA. Email this to your friends!

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